Voltron The Third Dimension 1998 Title Card
Voltron: The Third Dimension is an American computer-animated television series. It ran between September 12, 1998 and February 19, 2000.

Main Cast

  • Michael Bell - Coran, Groom (ep16), Lance, Lano, Soldier (ep4)
  • Tim Curry - King Alfor, Lotor
  • Kevin M. Richardson - Hunk, Narrator, Zarkon
  • Neil Ross - Amalgamus, Black Draco (ep19), Droid, Keith, Kolak (ep22), Soldier (ep4)
  • BJ Ward - Allura, Hagar, Newscaster#2
  • Billy West - Bull Max 5, Bull Max 8 (ep13), Judge Armistice, Newscaster, Pidge, Queegqueg, Squadron Leader (ep4), Ueep Ueep

Guest Appearances