English Voice Over Wikia

Page Creation[]

We'd like for every user to follow this appearance style with headings, text etc. Please don't differ from these guidelines when adding or editing pages because then the admins will have a lot of work to do on the pages you're adding or editing.

Page Naming[]

Name a page according to our standards. An actor or actress page should be created with the actor or actress name while a title page should include the title and the year of release.

Ex. for titles: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Infobox for actors[]

This is an example of how the should look like when finished:

Example in source mode (Please use this format when adding, and don't do unnecessary spaces between the infobox and the text):


Please don't add a voice cast without sources. Sometimes casts are impossible to find online, and social media posts can be restricted or disappear over time. A screenshot from the credits or a voice actors confirmation on social media will help establish the source. Adding information without a source or screenshot forces the admins to search the internet themselves to find the credits or written confirmation from the actor.

This fandom adds fact not fiction! Keep this in mind.


Adding false information will in the end result in blocking if a user doesn't listen to feedback.

Harassment and threats are forbidden, and avoid cursing in comments and talk pages.

If there are any questions contact either me or A-Stone. --Jade Cooper (talk) 08:27, November 9, 2017 (UTC)