Star Wars The Force Awakens 2015 Poster
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an American epic space opera film directed by J. J. Abrams. It premiered on December 18, 2015 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D.

The film stars: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Max Von Sydow.

Voice Cast

Additional Voices

  • David Acord - Crowd/Background Walla, FN-2199, Guavian Death Gang (Vocals/Death Screams), Hired Thug (Niima Outpost)#2, Outpost Scavenger (Niima Outpost)#2, Red Helmet (Sidon Ithano; Bar), Resistance Loyal Droid (Bar), Stormtrooper (Attack on Jakku Village)#2, Stormtrooper (Attack on Jakku Village)#4, Teedo
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Crowd/Background Walla, Screaming Alien Villager (Attack on Jakku Village)
  • Verona Blue - Control Room Technician (Starkiller Base)#3, Crowd/Background Walla, PA Announcer Interior Base (Resistance Base), Stormtrooper (Starkiller Base)#1
  • Eugene Byrd - Crowd/Background Walla
  • David Collins - Crowd/Background Walla, Hangar Control Center Officer (TIE Escape)#1, Resistance Soldier (Resistance Base), Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#3, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#12, Stormtrooper (T-17 Conversation)#1
  • Patrick Correll - Crowd/Background Walla, Resistance Medical Team (Airfield)#3
  • Jonathan Dixon - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Mark Dodson - Alien Scavanger (Niima Outpost)#4, Crowd/Background Walla, Laughing Fez Headed Gamers (Bar)
  • Michael Donovan - Crowd/Background Walla, PA Announcer (Starkiller Base), Resistance Medical Team (Airfield)#2, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#6
  • Terri Douglas - Crowd/Background Walla
  • TJ Falls - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Dave Filoni - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Amanda Foreman - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Karen Huie - Alien Scavanger (Niima Outpost)#2, Crowd/Background Walla
  • Tom Kane - Control Room Technician (Starkiller Base)#2, Crowd/Background Walla, Male Hosnian on Balcony (Hosnian System)
  • Matthew Lanter - Alien Scavanger (Niima Outpost)#1, Crowd/Background Walla, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#1, Stormtrooper (Starkiller Base Oscillator)#1
  • Devon Libran - Crowd/Background Walla, Hangar Control Center Officer (TIE Escape)#2, Stormtrooper (Starkiller Base)#3
  • Elle Newlands - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Michelle Rejwan - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Meredith Salenger - Crowd/Background Walla, Technician (Resistance Base Control Room)
  • Christopher Scarabosio - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Orly Schuchmacher - Crowd/Background Walla, Scavenger (Falcon Chase)
  • Kat Sheridan - Crowd/Background Walla, Resistance Medical Team (Airfield)#1, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#11
  • Christian Simpson - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Kevin Smith - Crowd/Background Walla, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#5
  • Catherine Taber - Crowd/Background Walla, Hangar Control Center Officer (TIE Escape)#3, Weapon Technician (Starkiller Base Control Room)
  • Fred Tatasciore - Alien Scavanger (Niima Outpost)#3, Crowd/Background Walla, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#4
  • James Arnold Taylor - Control Room Technician (Starkiller Base)#1, Crowd/Background Walla, First Order Walla, Jakku Walla, Stormtrooper (Attack on Jakku Village)#5, Stormtrooper (Starkiller Base Oscillator)#2
  • Emily Towers - Crowd/Background Walla
  • Sam Witwer - Crowd/Background Walla, Officer on TIE Radio (TIE Escape), PA Announcer (Stardestroyer), Stormtrooper (Attack on Jakku Village)#1, Stormtrooper (Attack on Jakku Village)#6, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#7, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#8, Stormtrooper (Starkiller Base)#2, Stormtrooper (Starkiller Base Oscillator)#3, Stormtrooper (T-17 Conversation)#2
  • Matthew Wood - Big Head (Quiggold; Bar), Crowd/Background Walla, Ello Asty, Guavian Death Gang (Vocals/Death Screams), Hired Thug (Niima Outpost)#1, Outpost Scavenger (Niima Outpost)#1, Stormtrooper (Attack on Jakku Village)#3, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#2, Stormtrooper (Castle Attack)#10, Stormtrooper (Niima Outpost)

ADR Loop Group (Uncredited)