Scissor Seven 2020 Netflix Poster
Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated television series directed by Wang Weifang. It began airing in China on April 25, 2018 and began streaming on Netflix on January 10, 2020.


Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Aleks Le - Courier (ep7), Da Fei, Goofy Bark (ep2), Passerby (ep1), School Kid (ep5), School Kid (ep6), Wedding Guest (ep1)
  • Ashley Liao - Cola
  • Brenda Marie Phillips - Island Purity Society (ep4), School Kid (ep5), School Kid (ep6), Thirteen's Mother (ep11), Woman (ep8)
  • Cary Yoshio Mizobe - Audience (ep12), Audience (ep13), Heir of the Conqueror's Spear (ep11), Man (ep14)
  • Clayton Froning - Ah Jun Pirate (ep7), Assassin (ep10), Coconut Guy (ep8), Fo Shou (ep11), Man (ep13), Man (ep14), Narrator (ep12), Nurse (ep6), Passerby (ep1)
  • Crispin Freeman - Prince of Stan
  • Daniel Stafford - Cat (ep2), Mace Killer (ep11), Patient (ep6), Pedestrian (ep5), Uncle Chen
  • Dashiell McGaha-Schletter - School Kid (ep6), Stan's Robot (ep1), Xiao Long (ep5)
  • Eric Seiver - King Pheasant
  • Greg Chun - Audience (ep12), Audience (ep13), Audience (ep14), Da Chun, Dog (ep2), Man (ep6), Wedding Host (ep1)
  • Jake Green - Audience (ep12), Audience (ep13), Audience (ep14), Captain Jack (ep7), Coconut Guy (ep8), Master of Thirteen, Passerby (ep1), Restaurant Waiter (ep6), Wedding Guest (ep1)
  • Jennie Kwan - Thirteen
  • Jill Bartlett - Bride (ep1), Chicken (ep14), Girl (ep6), Island Purity Society (ep4), Meow, Teacher (ep5), Woman (ep8)
  • Karen Huie - Broadcaster (ep14), Chairman Jiang, Passerby (ep6), Passerby (ep7), Rich Woman (ep8)
  • Lawrence Saint-Victor - Mad Bark
  • Rene Mujica - Cat (ep2), Grannie's Son (ep5), Restaurant Owner (ep1), Underpants Man (ep4)
  • Skip Stellrecht - Ah Jie Pirate (ep7), Assassin (ep10), Host, Man (ep14), Swordsman (ep11)
  • Steve Blum - Boy (ep6), Chicken Farm Boss, Latte (ep10), Passerby (ep1), Rich Man (ep8), Stanian (ep7), Wedding Guest (ep1)
  • Veronica Cartwright - Cat (ep2), Grannie Chen


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