Kingdom Hearts Re Coded 2011 Game Cover
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is an episodic puzzle video game published by Square Enix, in collaboration with Walt Disney Internet Group. It is the fourth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series. This title was released for the Nintendo DS. The game consists of eight episodes, with the first episode released on June 3, 2009; the second episode on July 8, 2009; the third on August 5, 2009; the fourth on September 17, 2009; the fifth on October 15, 2009; the sixth on November 26, 2009; the seventh on December 26, 2009; and the eighth on January 28, 2010. A pre-install episode was also made available on November 18, 2008, before the game's official release. It was released on January 11, 2011 in North America.

Cast (Voice Actors)

Featuring the Disney Character voice talents of:

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