Grey Griffin
Grey DeLisle-Griffin (born Erin Grey Van Oosbree; August 24, 1973 in Fort Ord, California, USA) is an American actress, singer, songwriter and voice actress.

She's known for voicing: Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daphne Blake in What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and multiple movies as of 2001, Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Vicky from The Fairly OddParents.

Animation Voice Work


  • Adventure Time (2011-2016) - Breakfast Princess (ep81), Ice Queen, Peanut Princess (ep81), Additional Voices
  • All Grown Up! (2007) - Mario (ep40)
  • Apple & Onion (2018) - Baby Marshmallow (ep5), Bacon (ep1), Birthday Cake (ep5), Chewing Gum 1 (ep1), Cupcake, Energy Bar (ep8), Jelly (ep6), Pancake (ep9), Root Beer Float, Sandwich 2 (ep8), Sundae (ep6)
  • As Told By Ginger (2000-2009) - Brandon Higsby, Diane Francis, Disgruntled Girl (ep35), Lexi Lanoue (ep21), Monique (ep51), Quiz Bowl Opponent#1 (ep38), Stacie (ep56), Tad (ep26)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (2006-2008) - Princess Azula, Actress Katara (ep57), Kya (ep56), Ta Min (ep46), Additional Voices
  • Avengers Assemble (2016-2017) - Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • Back at the Barnyard (2008-2011) - Bachelorette 1 (ep46), Bachelorette 3 (ep46), Beverly (ep48), Bronco Betsy (ep42), Cheerleader#2 (ep29), Hanna, Hen#2 (ep18), Inga (ep37), Juanita (ep11), Prunella (ep46), Veronica (ep27), Woman (ep11)
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008-2011) - Black Canary/Dinah Lance, Dala (ep55), Daphne Blake (ep51), Fire
  • Batman Beyond (2001) - Servant Girl#2 (ep50)
  • Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! (2015-2018) - Daphne Blake, Banshee (ep20), Belle (ep24), Bess (ep29), Beverly (ep17), Bubby (ep43), Business Woman (ep42), Carli (ep4), Caroler (ep14), Dame Bernice (ep8), Diving Mom (ep3), Georgia (ep5), Ghost of Christmas Past (ep36), Grammy (ep46), Groom's Mother (ep22), Hazeltine (ep3), Hermit Hank (ep18), Jenny Vex (ep43), Jokey Jody (ep40), Karen (ep52), Lori (ep39), Lori (ep44), Margie (ep47), Mayor Rogers (ep23), Megan (ep48), Mother (ep38), Mrs. Baker (ep49), Ms. Anja (ep45), Nurse (ep28), Orphan (ep14), RC Guy (ep20), Rose (ep33), Rose, Ruby Lutz (ep13), Screama Donna (ep9), Security Voice (ep12), Susan (ep40), Technician (ep12), Teen Girl (ep23), Trudy Lutz (ep13), Witch/Mrs. Clune (ep33)
  • Ben 10 (2006-2007) - Bride (ep43), Bride's Mother (ep43), Heatblast Gwen (ep17), Xylene (ep39)
  • Beware the Batman (2013-2014) - Magpie
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines (2016-2017) - Additional Voices
  • Brickleberry (2013-2014) - Astral (ep13), Chastity (ep12), Grandmama (ep14), Tammy (ep26)
  • Bunnicula (2016-2018) - Fiona (ep83), Lady on TV (ep7), Madame Polidori
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000) - Alien Beauty (ep37), Alien Maid (ep37), Mom (ep23), Ranger#2 (ep25), Ranger#2 (ep60), Vicki Vortex
  • ChalkZone (2002-2008) - Bird (ep8), Boorat (ep37), Cup (ep37), Giant Babies (ep8), Sophie, Terry Bouffant, Tillie, Woman#3 (ep3)
  • Chowder (2008) - Teashop Lady (ep16), Woman in Bush (ep16)
  • Clifford's Puppy Days (2003-2006) - Emily Elizabeth Howard, Basketball Player (ep38), Mrs. Howard
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000-2003) - Emily Elizabeth Howard
  • Codename: Kids Next Door (2002-2007) - Boy#1 (ep15), Cheerleader (ep8), Crazy Old Cat Lady (ep14), Gramma Stuffum (ep3), Julie (ep8), Laura Limpin, Lizzie Devine, Mega Mom (ep10), Mid Western Mom (ep3), Numbuh 142's Mom (ep19), Numbuh 66 (ep10), Valerie (ep39), Woman (ep7), Additional Voices
  • Costume Quest (2019) - Eliza, Grubbin Ruben (ep5), Nancy (ep9), Nancy Monster (ep9)
  • Curious George (2006) - Betsy, Woman (ep18)
  • DC Super Hero Girls (2019) - Wonder Woman/Diana (ep4)
  • DC Young Justice: Outsiders (2019) - Helga Jace, Plasma/Ana Von Furth (ep1), Josefine Tarkov (ep6), Troia (ep2)
  • Dan Vs. (2011-2013) - Additional Voices
  • Danger Rangers (2003-2006) - Kitty, Badger Kid (ep6), Bobby (ep10), Child (ep4), Fabiola, Jack (ep7), Jackie (ep12), Jodie (ep15), Kate (ep3), Kwan (ep4), Lil (ep2), Mateo (ep8), Mom, Mrs. Hopper (ep1), Penguin (ep2), Queen (ep11), Teacher (ep15)
  • Danny Phantom (2004-2007) - Samantha Manson, Alicia (ep8), Ashley (ep32), Cheerleader (ep23), Computer Voice (ep23), Elastica (ep20), Femalien (ep21), Fentonfinder Voice (ep1), Fran (ep19), Geek Boy (ep19), Ghost Gabber (ep3), Ghost Girl (ep2), Girl#1 (ep6), Girl#2 (ep2), Kid (ep14), Medusa (ep44), Nerd Girl (ep30), Nerd Girl#1 (ep36), Nightmerica (ep21), Offshore Flo, Poddle Skirt Girl (ep5), Star (ep16), Terminatra (ep21), Toddler (ep6), Valerie Gray (ep2), Waitress (ep4), Walla
  • Dexter's Laboratory (2002) - Waitress#1 (ep58), Waitress#2 (ep58)
  • Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long (2005-2006) - Additional Voices
  • Disney's Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004-2006) - Another Bird (ep19), Auntie Marla (ep30), Crowd Animal#1 (ep9), Mama Tapir (ep9), Poncho (ep19), Tarantula (ep9), Toddler Boy (ep13), Additional Voices
  • Disney's Dave the Barbarian (2004) - Cackline (ep16), Deena (ep16), Troll Girl (ep16), Vermite Queen (ep11)
  • Disney's Fillmore! (2002-2003) - Mrs. Lawton (ep10), Mrs. Waverly (ep3), Nick's Mom (ep10)
  • Disney's House of Mouse (2002) - Roxanne (ep21)
  • Disney's Kim Possible (2002-2003) - Girl (ep33), TV Reporter (ep10)
  • Disney's Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003-2005) - Additional Voices
  • Disney's Teacher's Pet (2002) - Additional Voices
  • Disney's The Emperor's New School (2006-2008) - Moxie (ep6), Additional Voices
  • Disney's The Legend of Tarzan (2001) - Greenley (ep25)
  • Disney's The Replacements (2006-2009) - Riley Daring
  • Disney's The Weekenders (2000-2004) - Lor McQuarrie, Another Woman (ep25), Carlotta, Cheri, Delivery Woman (ep4), Dougovina (ep30), Dr. Presto (ep22), Female Voice (ep33), Helen Benitez, Kelly, Lady (ep17), Little Girl Voice (ep27), Lois Gustavson, Lor's Mom (ep30), Marie (ep34), Melora (ep35), Mona Vasquez (ep27), Mrs. Birkhauer (ep38), Mrs. Mendoza (ep23), Nona, Old Country Doctor (ep36), Person#2 (ep25), Photographer (ep13), Princess (ep37), Quinty (ep39), Reporter (ep3), Reporter (ep14), Undine (ep5), Women (ep10)
  • Disney Doc McStuffins (2012-2015) - Dress Up Daisy (eps44-72), Gracie (ep16), Lula (ep15)
  • Disney DuckTales (2018) - Mann (ep24)
  • Disney Elena of Avalor (2016-2017) - Damon's Mother (ep3), Dr. Mendoza, Gabriela (ep20), Squirrel Spirit (ep19), Additional Voices
  • Disney Fish Hooks (2010-2014) - Baby Unicorn (ep14), Casting Director (ep89), Granola Girl (ep53), Gwen (ep100), Tabitha
  • Disney Gravity Falls (2012-2013) - Gorney (ep12), Mrs. Gleeful (ep11), Additional Voices
  • Disney Handy Manny (2008-2011) - Flicker
  • Disney Henry Hugglemonster (2013-2015) - Nan-Oh Hugglemonster, Additional Voices
  • Disney Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010-2012) - Brianna Buttowski, Additional Voices
  • Disney Legend of The Three Caballeros (2018) - Xandra the Goddess of Adventure, Eugenia Ferdinand-Ferdinand (ep7), June's Phone (ep4), Telenovela Actress (ep6), Tourist Wife, Venus (ep4)
  • Disney Miles from Tomorrowland (2015-2016) - Stella, Alien Crowd (ep30), Alien Evacuees (ep21), Audience (ep28), Automated Voice (ep29), Baby Blopp (ep20), Chef Bot (ep16), Crowd (ep15), Gift Shop Bot (ep3), Goon (ep13), Goon (ep16), Kitumba Ship Computer (ep9), Kree Whipley, Oumou (ep30), Queen Gemma, Robo-Mouse (ep11), Rock Alien (ep7), Ship Computer (ep26), Singing Soup (ep16), Sylvia (ep24), Tethoscape Alien (ep29), Tethoscape Aliens (ep28), Tethoscape Announcer (ep6), Tethoscape Visitors (ep26), Trident Computer (ep14), Worlian Ship Computer (ep23)
  • Disney Phineas and Ferb (2010-2012) - Additional Voices
  • Disney Pickle and Peanut (2016) - Charlie (ep20)
  • Disney Puppy Dog Pals (2017-2018) - Bonnie, Deerlene (ep30), Funny (ep19), Mama Squirrel (ep21), Mariko (ep28), Nelly, Weather Lady (ep28)
  • Disney Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (2012-2015) - Flute Girl, Additional Voices
  • Disney Sofia the First (2015) - Ellegra (ep56), Opal (ep52), Raccoon Mother (ep49), Violet (ep52)
  • Disney Special Agent Oso (2010-2012) - Flicker (ep57), Additional Voices
  • Disney Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015-2017) - Jackie, Queen Moon Butterfly, Additional Voices
  • Disney The 7D (2015) - Princess Prettyhead (ep20)
  • Disney The Owl House (2020) - Additional Voices
  • Disney Wander Over Yonder (2014) - Additional Voices
  • Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz (2017) - Glinda (ep14)
  • DreamWorks All Hail King Julien (2016-2017) - Eloise (ep57), Pam, Additional Voices
  • DreamWorks All Hail King Julien: Exiled (2017) - Pam
  • DreamWorks Dawn of the Croods (2015) - Lerk, Sandy, Pat (ep2)
  • DreamWorks Harvey Street Kids (2018) - Frufru, Lucretia, The Harvey Street Bow, Dollcretia, Emil (ep11), Kate Zambooka (ep9)
  • DreamWorks Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh (2016) - DieAnne (ep11), Kandas (ep13), Additional Voices
  • DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2014) - Goat (ep60), Jiao (ep60), Liang (ep60)
  • DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018) - Laoshu, Suyin (ep6), Xin
  • DreamWorks The Adventures of Puss in Boots (2015-2018) - Sphinx, Vina, Alessandra (ep43), Callista, Fonvil, Brigantia (ep76), Li'l Pequena, Megamicre Queen, Saucy Puss (ep57), Señora Igualdemontijo, The Duchess (eps32-45, 72-78), Ugly Duckling (ep29)
  • DreamWorks The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2018) - Dr. Lesso
  • DreamWorks The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show (2015-2017) - Cleopatra (ep5), Eunice Butters (ep43), Mary Anning (ep29), Additional Voices
  • DreamWorks The Penguins of Madagascar (2009-2010) - Darla (ep33), Girl Baboon (ep33), Kid#1 (ep53), Mother (ep79), Possum Kid (ep79)
  • DreamWorks Trollhunters (2016-2018) - Bork, Glug, Mrs. Pepperjack (ep35), Quagawumps (ep21), Sweet Wumpa, Victoria (ep41), Wise Wumpa, Additional Voices
  • DreamWorks Turbo FAST (2013-2016) - Burn, Bramber, Deuce, Female Kissing Teen (ep51), Flavia (ep38), Mama Guana (ep51)
  • DreamWorks Where's Waldo? (2019) - Sirens (ep11), Ticket Taker (ep11)
  • Duck Dodgers (2003-2005) - Beautiful Reporter (ep11), Boodika (ep9), Catapoid (ep3), Computer (ep2), Computer (ep15), Computer Voice (ep22), Food Synthesizer (ep14), Lady Zorga (ep17), Massage Girl (ep27), Newswoman Shye Falling, Nina (ep11), The Monstress (ep23), Vampire Bride #1 (ep5), Vampire Bride#3 (ep5)
  • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (2007-2008) - Frida Suárez/La Tigressa, Aaron (ep4), Amelita (ep5), Anita (ep21), Audrey (ep3), Carmela, Chainsaw (ep17), Che, Child (ep24), Chole (ep7), Dowager (ep2), Emma (ep6), Female Computer Voice (ep6), Flama Dama (ep8), Gym Teacher (ep17), Herometer Operator (ep8), Little Boy (ep7), Lupito (ep2), Miss Chichita (ep18), Mrs. E (ep24), Mrs. Equihua (ep26), Mrs. Sanchez (ep21), Patches (ep17), Robio (ep21), Scooter Kid, Sofia (ep25), Son (ep22), Toxic Poonk Singer (ep13), Voltura, Waldo
  • Evil Con Carne (2003-2004) - Major Dr. Ghastly, Chimney Sweep (ep1), Computer (ep7), Mom (ep6)
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004-2009) - Duchess (ep4), Frankie Foster, Big Fat Baby (ep40), Flo (ep71), Fluffernutter (ep40), Girl Cousin (ep41), Goo (ep71), Jenny (ep40), Jones (ep1), Kid (ep2), Kid (ep69), Lady (ep1), Nemesis (ep41), Pink Squirell Friend (ep69), Prickly Friend (ep2), Wife (ep2)
  • Free for All (2003) - Claudia (ep4), Sally (ep3)
  • Generator Rex (2010-2013) - Dr. Rebecca Holiday, Beach Girl #1 (ep3), Co-Pilot (ep10), Computer (ep18), Computer (ep25), Diane Farrah, Echoey Voice#2 (ep6), Housewife (ep31), Innocent Woman (ep13), Isabella, Kate (ep5), Librarian (ep40), Little Girl (Slug Evo; ep8), News Reporter (ep13), Reporter (ep2), Reporter (ep19), Rhodes (ep14), Spanish Boy (ep2), TV Reporter (ep1), Trig Student 2 (ep32), Wade (ep17), Waitress (ep29), Woman (Rock & Mud Evo; ep8), Zag RS, Additional Voices
  • Green Eggs and Ham (2019) - Ty (ep11), Waitress (ep10), Z Magazine Reporter (ep9)
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011-2013) - Aya, Aga'po, Alana (ep2), Bleez, Lady Catherine (ep15), Thila (ep7), Venessi Swilton (ep13; VA Double), Additional Voices
  • Grim & Evil (2001-2002) - Major Dr. Ghastly, Mandy, Aunt Sis (ep1), Bald Kid (ep?), Computer Woman (ep?), Croanie #2 (ep?), Dimples (ep?), Dinosaur (ep10), Elf (ep12), FBI Voice Over (ep10), Flea (ep?), Girl (ep9), Girl #2 (ep?), Girl#2 (ep?), Goon Boy (ep11), Kid#2 (ep?), Kid Soap Actress (ep8), Kris (ep?), Laura (ep?), Mandy Doll (ep12), Milkshakes (ep3), Model A (ep2), Model B (ep2), Rosie (ep?), School Girl (ep?), Sis (ep?), Soap Opera Girl (ep9), Soap Opera Woman (ep3), Son (ep3), TV Announcer (ep?), Wife (ep5), Woman (ep4), Woman#1 (ep7), Yves (ep10)
  • Harvey Beaks (2015-2017) - Bouncer, Commander Rocket (ep41), John's Son (ep51), Lady 2 (ep51), Lady 5 (ep51), Lifeguard (ep50), Miriam Doppelganger (ep38), Nurse, Old Lady (ep42), Receptionist (ep50), Tough Fee (ep41)
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2002-2007) - Bobby (ep37), Clerk (ep32), Cosmetician (ep14), DMV Operator (ep9), Daphne Blake (ep3), Debbie, Dr. Gale Mary Volcanus, HR Woman (ep38), Melody (ep5), Old Woman Juror (ep38), Receptionist (ep8), Spiderkid (ep12), Superkid (ep12), Woman (ep19), X's Wife (ep9)
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (2004-2006) - Jang Keng, Yumi Yoshimura, Alien 2 (ep8), Assassination Tango Gal (ep3), Badger (ep11), Big Kid (ep11), Cat (ep6), Cat (ep14), Charity Worker (ep18), Cheerleader (ep35), Cheeseburger (ep16), Chicken (ep16), Computer Voice (ep29), Crowd (ep4), Dog (ep15), Duplicat (ep29), Evil Yumi (ep37), Fan#1 (ep13), Fan Club President (ep12), Girl (ep20), Hee-Haw Buzzsaw Gal (ep3), Homeowner (ep22), Kid (ep26), Little Girl (ep1), Ma Wall (ep28), Maid (ep38), Merchant (ep30), Mondo Swell Betty (ep7), Mr. Bajinkers (ep36), Nanny (ep33), Nurse (ep33), Old Camper#2 (ep27), Old Lady (ep28), Paper Boy (ep28), Person (ep11), Pizza Delivery Boy (ep19), Pterodactyl (ep36), Registration Lady (ep15), Rich Woman (ep16), Skiers (ep21), Slam-I-Yumi (ep30), Squirrel (ep14), Statue of Liberty (ep5), Thomas (ep35), Timmy (ep7), Tiny Spider (ep16), Townsperson 2 (ep5), Video Chess Game (ep6), Video Game Voice (ep31), Waiter (ep7), Woman Rider (ep20), Yumibot (ep4), Yumius (ep31)
  • Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013) - Mia (ep9), Moloid Shaman (ep9), Mother (ep9)
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (2019) - Additional Voices
  • Infinity Train (2020) - Lunch Lady (ep11), Seedy Merchant (ep11), Tape Merchant (ep11)
  • JBVO: Your All Request Cartoon Show (2000) - Daphne Blake
  • Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus (2001) - Additional Voices
  • Johnny Bravo (1997-2004) - 1st Passerby (ep51), Actress#1 (ep49), Allison (ep53), Bus Driver (ep52), Buttercup Girl (ep33), Chorus Girl (ep53), Cindy (ep35), Collette (ep64), Dreamgirl (ep40), Emma (ep24), Female Exec. (ep28), Female in Crowd (ep6), Femme (ep26), Genie (ep44), Gia (ep49), Girl (ep23), Girl (ep26), Hairstylist (ep35), Hot Babe#1 (ep54), Hot Chick (ep53), Intercom Announcer (ep47), Jenny Bravo (ep54), Lady (ep59), Lucy (ep43), Madame Voila (ep54), Marie Antoinette (ep36), Marlo (ep53), Melinda (ep37), Merchant#2 (ep44), Mitzy (ep39), Mom (ep37), Museum Patron (ep39), Noble Prize Presenter (ep33), Norma (ep40), Nunchuk Chick#1 (ep44), PA (ep52), Pebbles Flintstone (ep62), Princess (ep31), Queen (ep31), Restaurant Patron#2 (ep51), Sara (ep27), Singer (ep64), Space Chick (ep26), Stinky Brownstein (ep51), Volcano Girl (ep52), Warden Buford (ep48), Woman (ep6), Woman (ep24), Woman (ep28), Woman (ep64), Woman#1 (ep47), Woman#2 (ep47)
  • Justice League: Unlimited (2004) - Downpour (ep9), Shifter (ep9)
  • Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters (2012-2013) - Alakshmi Verma, Master Nadia Lobachevsky, Cyber Lord Corile (ep27), Janet Pierce-Okamoto, Kimiko (ep34), Maribel, Moorna, Nobu/Ichiro (ep34), Razorkinder
  • Lego City Adventures (2019-2020) - Additional Voices
  • Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016-2017) - Naare, Automated Voice (ep3), Baby Wampa (ep11), Eye Stalk (ep6), Maz Kanata, Young Anakin (ep3)
  • Loonatics Unleashed (2007) - Apocazons (ep22)
  • MAD (2010-2013) - Demi Lovato (ep7), Dr. Allison Cameron (ep11), Jenni "Jwoww" Farley (ep11), Megan Fox, Mitchie Torres (ep8), Narrator (ep8), Nyota Uhura (ep4), Rachel Berry (ep4), Rejected Narrator (ep10), Sam Puckett (ep7), Sarah Walker (ep12), Velma Dinkley (ep91), Yukio (ep101), Additional Voices
  • Megas XLR (2004) - Alien Girl#1 (ep2), Teacher (ep2)
  • Mighty Magiswords (2016-2018) - Vambre, Borp, Calika (ep31), Füd, Mustachebeard (ep64), Princess Zange (ep36), Slime 1 (ep32)
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey (2005-2008) - Ingrid Giraffe, Lupe Toucan, Mrs. Winifred Warthog, Adam's Mom, Aloysius Elephant, Angler Fish#1 (ep26), Antelope (ep5), Baby Pony (ep27), Bat Kid#2 (ep36), British Kid (ep16), Conchetta (ep45), Elephant#1 (ep1), Fair Announcer (ep47), Feral Cat#3 (ep43), Flamingo Kid (ep17), Girl Chipmunk (ep29), Girl Ostrich (ep4), Guy#2 (ep35), Hazel, Hyacinth (ep32), Hyena (ep4), Hyena (ep9), Hyena Kid (ep23), Isaac Hyena (ep27), Janet Musk Ox, Joanie Ox, Kid (ep2), Kid (Eye; ep23), Kid Animal (ep8), Kiki Von Beaky (ep31), MaryAnne Lobster (ep19), Meal Worm (ep43), Miss Raccoon (ep36), Mrs. Liverwort (ep44), Nurse Gazelle, Old Lady (ep43), Penguin Kid (ep6), Picnic Woman (ep29), Rufus Hyena (ep42), Shopper#2 (ep6), Swan Librarian (ep43), Wardell Wombat (ep52), Zeera Cornelius (ep9)
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot (2003-2007) - Alien (ep34), Amanda (ep34), Amber (ep8), Band Girl (ep20), Gerald (ep8), Kid (ep18), Lenny, Letta, Ms. Binky (ep8), Raggedy Android Suit (ep7), Woman Astronaut (ep18)
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons (1998-2001) - Bambi (ep31), Creampuff #3 (ep30), Crustacean (ep10), Fish (ep27), Fisherman #2 (ep10), Fly #3 (ep27), Granola Girl (ep17), Jelly, Kid #1 (ep17), Kid #1 (ep21), Kid #1 (ep24), Little Brother (ep8), Lunch Girl #2 (ep6), Mom (ep4), Monster (ep27), Nadya (ep4), Olly (ep6), Plant Mom (ep19), Sally (ep25), Shero (ep10), Stink Bomb Kid (ep6), Teacher (ep4), Tooth Fairy (ep25), Trish (ep33), Vicky, Woman Scientist (ep19), Additional Voices
  • Paradise PD (2018) - Additional Voices
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket (2015) - Sleeping Kid (ep15)
  • Pinky Malinky (2019) - Dizzy (ep1), Suzie (ep1)
  • Pound Puppies (2012-2013) - Buttercup (ep41), Dot (ep26), Katy (ep33), Lillian (ep44), Mrs. Wyszikowski (ep41), Pet Owner (ep33), Puddles (ep44), Shaggles (ep26), TV Jingle (ep41), Tabitha (ep27), Teen Boy's Mom (ep27)
  • Regular Show (2015) - Colette (ep161), Judy (ep161), Sheena (ep161)
  • Rocket Power (2002) - Boy#2 (ep45), Young Salesperson (ep45)
  • Rugrats (1997-2003) - Dulce (ep149), Reptar, Jr. (ep93), Terry McNulty, Todd McNulty, Ty McNulty
  • Rugrats: Pre-School Daze (2005) - Dulce
  • Samurai Jack (2001-2017) - Clerk (ep29), Female Robot (ep41), Fire Creature (ep12), Girl #2 (ep24), Girl#3 (ep24), Grandma (ep13), High Priestess, Lady #1 (ep24), Lil Red Hood's Mom (ep13), Lula Lillywhite (ep12), Monk (ep32), Mrs. Clench (ep29), Spring (ep49), Woman (ep24), Woman Warrior (ep44), Additional Voices
  • Sanjay and Craig (2013-2016) - Darlene Patel, Sandy Dickson, Scabs Dickson, Aminder (ep40), Anchorwoman (ep1), Announcer (ep26), Announcer 2 (ep30), Audience Member #1 (ep29), Auntie (ep60), Automated House (ep26), Baby (ep1), Beach Lady 1 (ep58), Beach Rat 3 (ep58), Bike Vocals (ep42), Boy (ep39), Boy (ep42), Boy (ep47), Boy 1 (ep48), Boy 3 (ep48), Brenda Dickson, Commercial Vocals (ep30), Computer Voice (ep35), Cowgirl (ep1), Dancer #1 (ep18), Dancer #2 (ep18), Danica, Debbie Jo, Dinosaur Girl (ep49), Elderly Woman (ep50), Eye Pyramid Girl (ep49), Fox (ep38), Frootie (ep47), Gabby Gomertz, Girl (ep29), Girl (ep54), Girl 1 (ep48), Groom (ep16), Guard #2 (ep24), Gypsy Woman (ep55), Hat Boy (ep38), Hector's Grandma, Hector's Mom, Hot Wing Bat (ep28), Jeff (ep36), Kid (ep7), Kid (ep10), Kid (ep40), Lady (ep1), Lady in Blue Dress (ep11), Lucy Luvkin, Lunch Lady (ep57), Megan's Mom (ep47), Mother (ep38), Mother (ep50), Neighbor Lady (ep55), Old Lady (ep54), Operator (ep9), Orange Diamond Snake (ep33), Princess (ep30), Principal (ep57), Producer (ep39), Purple Kid (ep4), Receptionist (ep19), Reporter (ep30), Rhonda, Skater Boy 1 (ep42), Skater Kid (ep56), Stasi's Mom (ep57), Stone Cherub (ep6), Super Fan (ep6), Swimmer (ep2), Teepee Dude (ep53), Tooth Fairy (ep36), Vet (ep51), Veterinarian (ep19), Warning Announcer (ep26), Will Willboard (Real Voice; ep40), Wind (ep22), Woman (ep1), Woman (ep22), Woman (ep44), Woman (ep47), Woman (ep55), Woman 1 (ep41), Woman 2 (ep41), Worker (ep19)
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010-2013) - Daphne Blake, Anna (ep28), Art Hipster#2 (ep32), Baba Yaga (ep28), Boron (ep34), Costumed Girl (ep17), Deena (ep33), Dr. Thistle (ep22), Earthworm (ep41), Eeko (ep32), Female Doctor (ep13), Female Pirate (ep8), Female Vampire (ep6), Francilee Jackson, Greta Gator (ep2), Jen (ep8), Jenny Zin (ep40), Krissy Kristy (ep44), Mom (ep5), Mom (ep46), Mrs. Andelusossa (ep49), Mrs. Feist (ep30), Newscaster (ep12), Paula Rogers, Portly Woman (ep31), Que Horrifico (ep5), Receptionist (ep29), Tourist (ep10), Turnip (ep5), Tween Girl, Vampire Waitress, Witch (ep13)
  • Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? (2019-2020) - Daphne Blake, Dr. Tuttle (ep10), Housekeeper (ep11), Janitor (ep8), Keeper of Knowledge (ep15), Kelly (ep16), Lunch Lady (ep8), Officer (ep9), Old Lady (ep9), Old Lady (ep18), Simone (ep12)
  • Secret Mountain Fort Awesome (2011) - Additional Voices
  • Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! (2006-2007) - Daphne Blake, Misty Swiss (ep2)
  • Skylanders: Academy (2016-2018) - Claire (ep11), Mabu (ep27), Sprocket (ep31), Additional Voices
  • Spider-Man (2017) - Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (ep4), Mom (ep4), Nurse (ep4)
  • Star Wars: Detours (????) - Harmony (Announced)
  • Star Wars: Resistance (2019) - Kowakians (ep28), TC-G3 (ep28)
  • Star Wars Rebels (2015-2016) - Chava (ep25), Darja (ep21), Oora (ep21)
  • Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters (2017) - Kari Freak (ep5), Mari Freak (ep5), Rich Woman (ep5)
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy (2010-2014) - Kitty Katswell, Agent Dumbo (ep21), Agent Jumbo (ep5), Baby (ep30), Beachgoer#1 (ep26), Billy (ep5), Bride (ep42), Bunny (ep5), Cashier (ep28), Charmane (ep32), Chipmunk Girl, Computer Voice (ep4), Computer Voice (ep11), Computer Voice (ep29), Concessions Girl (ep10), Counselor (ep19), Counting Cougar (ep19), Crying Kid (ep14), Dry Cleaning Lady (ep9), Ewe (ep25), Female Classmate (ep22), Female Elephant (ep24), Fire Hydrant (ep27), French Poodle (ep30), Girls (ep9), Ida Bromstein (ep27), Kid (ep12), Kid (ep13), Kitty's Mom (ep2), Librarian (ep5), Little Girl (ep8), Madame Catastrophe (ep7), Miss Petropolis (ep23), Mom (ep13), New Narrator (ep6), Operator (ep23), Possum Lady (ep8), Raccoon Kid (ep18), Recorded Message (ep6), Rita (ep5), Rudolph (ep21), Sally (ep1), School Kid (ep9), Screaming Woman (ep14), Space Witch (ep42), Tammy, Tourist#3 (ep1), Tucker (ep30), Waitress (ep7), Woman (ep7), Zippy
  • Teen Titans Go! (2019) - Daphne Blake (ep256)
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2004-2006) - Elke (ep46), Mombot (ep30), Sally (ep31)
  • The Adventures of Kid Danger (2018) - Bar Kid (ep10), Cheerleader #1 (ep6), College Kid (ep10), Marcy (ep6), Mrs. Pitner (ep10), Snotty Cheerleader (ep6)
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2012) - Betty Brant (ep39)
  • The Batman (2004-2008) - Amanda (ep3), Amber (ep61), Mary Grayson (ep40), Ms. Vimtrup (ep3)
  • The Boondocks (2014) - Additional Voices
  • The Fairly OddParents (2001) - Vicky, Aunt Gertrude Crab (ep1), Bird (ep1), Blob#3 (ep6), Chicken (ep2), Dino (ep2), Fairy#1 (ep6), Fan#2 (ep6), Fat Fairy (ep6), Female Fairy#2 (ep5), Female Newscaster (ep5), Female Protozoa (ep3), Female Stomach Flu (ep3), Kid (ep1), Kid (ep5a), Kid (ep5b), Mr. Whiskers (ep4), Ms. Dimmsdale (ep6), Ms. Waxelplax (ep2), Receptionist (ep6), Spatula Woman (ep5), Star (ep4)
  • The Garfield Show (2010-2015) - Additional Voices
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2003-2005) - Mandy, Aunt Sis, Bird (ep17), Cat (ep25), Chick#1 (ep18), Chihuahua (ep14), Contestent (ep20), Cowgirl (ep10), Game Voice (ep2), Geek (ep24), Girl (ep15), Girl#1 (ep1), Granny (ep10), Granny (ep15), Halfling (ep17), Head (ep14), Juli (ep12), Kid (ep8), Kid (ep13), Kid (ep15), Kid (ep24), Kid#1 (ep6), Kid#3 (ep12), Mandy#2 (ep23), Mikey (ep11), Milkshakes, Mindy's Mom (ep53), Mom (ep11), Newswoman (ep20), Nurse (ep23), Old Lady (ep8), Overworked Seamstress (ep8), Owl (ep16), Pelican (ep13), Person#2 (ep14), Petrified Girl (ep24), Shadow Mandy (ep8), TV Voice (ep14), Townswoman (ep24), Victim (ep20), Witch#2 (ep15), Woman (ep12), Woman Dog (ep4)
  • The Kids from Room 402 (2001) - Additional Voices
  • The Legend of Korra (2013-2014) - Dark Spider Spirit (ep25), Intense Woman (ep35), Ming-Hua, Spirit Mushroom (ep25), Wife (ep28), Young Lin Beifong (ep32)
  • The Looney Tunes Show (2011-2014) - "Mama Leghorn" (ep9), Carol (ep9), Cindy (ep6), Female V.O. (ep6), Josephine (ep7), Ma Bear (ep45), Patricia Bunny (ep2), Phyllis (ep2), Receptionist (ep2), Scarlett Johansson (ep7), Tanya (ep6), Additional Voices
  • The Loud House (2016-2018) - Lana Loud, Lily Loud, Lola Loud, Aunt Ruth (ep14), Cheryl, Classmate (ep33), Heavenly Chorus (ep37), Leif (ep23), Leon (ep23), Lexx (ep23), Maggie's Mom (ep24), Mrs. Jelinski (ep3), Pam (ep34), Scoots, Secretary, Stroller Mom (ep10), Teen Girl (ep39)
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (2008-2010) - Big Woman (ep17), Dr. Proctor (ep24), Flirtatious Lady (ep9), Frida (ep46), Gertrude (ep9), Ms. Leading (ep32), Old Lady (ep45), Old Woman (ep45), Peter (ep32), Tickled Lady (ep9), Woman (ep39), Woman (ep45)
  • The Mighty B! (2008-2011) - Portia Gibbons, Art Dealer#1 (ep18), Beaver One, Black Widow 2 (ep20), Chai Dallagher, Clerk (ep25), Emily (ep3), Geoffrey (ep16), Girl 1 (ep5), Gorilla Walla (ep34), Honeybee#7 (ep13), Horrified Patron (ep26), K.G. Bianca, Little Kid (ep19), Lola, Madam Valeska (ep6), Maude (ep20), Millie Millerson, Mona (ep32), Parrot (ep38), Ronnie (ep29), Stage Manager (ep3), Town Lady (ep15), Woman Two (ep15), Additional Voices
  • The Mummy: The Animated Series (2001-2002) - Evelyn O'Connell
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998-2002) - Betty (ep45), Blanche (ep53), Female Bank Manager (ep38), Femme Fatale (ep38), Gabby Baloni (ep47), Jenny (ep38), Lady (ep45), Maid Mary (ep52), News Woman (ep45), Singer (ep52), Tall Monster (ep53), Teenage Girl (ep38), Townie (ep59), TV Ad (ep45), Woman#1 (ep53)
  • The Problem Solverz (2011) - Additional Voices
  • The Secret Files of the SpyDogs (1999) - Additional Voices
  • The Simpsons (2019) - Additional Voices
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009) - Sally Avril, Betty Brant, Erin (ep18), Stephanie Briggs (ep17), Voice of Oscorp
  • The Super Hero Squad Show (2009-2011) - Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel, Amora/Enchantress, Computer Voice (ep9), Hedy Wolfe (ep41), Marsha Rosenberg/Volcana (ep51), Old Lady (ep3)
  • The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) - Ginger
  • The Wild Thornberrys (1999) - Gazelle#2 (ep25)
  • The Zeta Project (2001-2002) - Andrea Donoso, Dominique (ep5), Newscaster (ep9)
  • ThunderCats (2011) - Young Cheetara (ep12)
  • Tigtone (2019) - Lady Centaur (ep6), Not Centaur (ep6), Queen Bee (ep6), Zuviell (ep3)
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2016) - Glowstrike
  • TripTank (2015-2016) - Female Masseuse (ep13), Lucy (ep25)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2013-2014) - Morgan Le Fay (ep73), Tana Nile (ep44)
  • Uncle Grandpa (2013-2015) - Josie (ep27), Tommy (ep24), Additional Voices
  • UniKitty! (2018) - Prince Puppycorn (ep10), Fee Bee (ep10)
  • Wabbit. A Looney Tunes Prod. (2015-2016) - Bear Cubs (ep8), Bird (ep8), Momma Bear (ep8), Vera the Vulture (ep22)
  • We Bare Bears (2016) - Annie (ep27), Additional Voices
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002-2006) - Daphne Blake, Bling Bling (ep21), Celia Clyde (ep3), Cell Phone Voice (ep22), Dr. Bikini (ep12), Eve De La Fey (ep23), Galina Korzhakov (ep35), German Mom (ep22), Gretchen Mueller (ep1), Lorelei Leland (ep4), Mademoiselle Chantal (ep16), Medusa (ep28), Osomons (ep42), Shawna (ep41), Shelly (ep14), Spice (ep32), Verona Dempsey (ep29), Vikki Valentine (ep12), Waitress (ep13), Wormian#1 (ep17), Wormian#1 (ep19)
  • Winx Club: Beyond Believix (2012-2013) - Marion, Tecna's Sirenix Guardian
  • Winx Club: Bloomix (2013-2015) - Griffin, Marion, Nebula (ep14), Ninfea, Royal #2 (ep6), Zulema
  • Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) - Mrs. Paré (ep6), Network/Sarah Vale (ep6), Psylocke/Elisabeth Braddock (ep8), Spiral/Rita Wayword, Worthington Commercial (ep19)
  • WordGirl (2008-2009) - Additional Voices
  • Xiaolin Showdown (2003-2006) - Kimiko Tohomiko, Belle (ep28), Dyris (ep27), Evil Doll (ep23), Omi-Mom (ep43), Singing Old Lady (ep41)
  • Young Justice (2011-2012) - Dreamer (ep17), Security Guard B (ep30), Whisper A'daire
  • Zevo-3 (2011) - Anchorwoman (ep24), Anita Mann (ep24), Cotilla, Florence Cara (ep26), Girl (ep22), Mrs. James (ep26)

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