Flag 2007 DVD Cover
Flag (フラッグ) is a mecha anime web series directed by Ryosuke Takahashi. The series was originally released in Japan between June 6, 2006 and March 2, 2007, consisting of 13 episodes. The series was released in North America on DVD by Bandai Entertainment between November 6, 2007 and May 20, 2008.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • David Lodge - Graig North, Lee, Naraya
  • Kyle Hebert - Cameraman (ep?), Captain (ep?), Medical Staff (ep?)
  • Mela Lee - Former Kufura Girl
  • Michael McConnohie - Operator (ep?), SDAC Chief, Traffic Controller (ep3), Tson (ep9), UN Press Officer (ep1)
  • Tony Oliver - Base Operator (ep3), General (ep1), Interpreter (ep?), Maintenance Crew (ep4), Reporter, Ru Pou, Soldier (ep?)

Additional Voices (Uncredited)


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