Dumb and Dumber 1995 Title Card
Dumb and Dumber is a Hanna-Barbera-produced animated series based on the hit 1994 comedy film. The animated series aired between October 28, 1995 and February 3, 1996 on ABC.


Main Cast

Minor Cast

  • Armin Shimerman - Casaba (ep9), Questioner#3 (ep9), Varp (ep13)
  • BJ Ward - Andy (ep8), Chapperone (ep13), Diva (ep9), Little Girl (ep8), Mom (ep13), Parrot (ep13), Questioner#2 (ep9), Santa's Little Helper (ep8), Voldra (ep13)
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Caterer (ep6), Cowboy (ep2), Dentist (ep12), Eddie (ep13), General (ep11), Gomer (ep10), Gretta (ep13), Ludwig (ep13), Purvis (ep13), Woody (ep13)
  • Bob Ridgely - Announcer (ep6), Caller (ep5), Colonel Hopkins (ep5), JVP (ep6), Policeman (ep5)
  • Brad Garrett - Cop#3 (ep4), Stump (ep4)
  • Bronson Pinchot - Announcer (ep1), Dumbster (ep1)
  • Candi Milo - Customer (ep5), Greeter (ep5), Woman (ep5)
  • Dave Fennoy - Cop#1 (ep4), Kid (ep4)
  • Dick Gautier - Announcer (ep11), Dagnabbit (ep11), Gargle (ep11)
  • Ed Asner - General (ep8), Old Woman (ep8), St. Nick (ep8)
  • Ed Gilbert - Bender (ep9), Clem (ep9), Questioner#1 (ep9)
  • Edie McClurg - Mrs. Greeves (ep12)
  • Frank Welker - Guard (ep5), Seattle Sloth (ep5), Vinnie Jr. (ep5)
  • Gene Miller - Beaver (ep13), Inga (ep13)
  • Gerrit Graham - General Blackout (ep3), Melvin (ep7), Sign Man (ep7), Trooper (ep7)
  • Harvey Korman - Man#2 (ep8), Manager (ep8), Officer Doohickey (ep8)
  • Haunani Minn - Newswoman (ep10)
  • Howard Morris - Daddy (ep7), Old Man#2 (ep7)
  • Jeff Bennett - George (ep5), Lil Vinnie (ep5), Newsboy (ep5), Pal (ep3), Proprietor (ep3), Security Guard (ep3)
  • Jennifer Hale - Cyndi (ep12)
  • Jess Harnell - Dick Daring (ep10), Hillbilly (ep10), Ox (ep10)
  • Jim Belushi - Duker (ep12), Exterminator (ep12), Manager (ep12)
  • Joan Van Ark - Aunt Bea (ep6), Casey (ep7), Mother (ep6), Norma Jean (ep7)
  • John Kassir - Art Type (ep6), Baby (ep6), Critic (ep6), Thug (ep5), Tribesman (ep5), Vinnie (ep5)
  • Jon Paul Joyce - Beaver (ep13), Puppet (ep13), Raymond (ep13)
  • Jonathan Emerson - Delivery Guy (ep5), Littleman (ep5), Loudspeaker (ep5)
  • Julia Pearlstein - Fanny Rae (ep10), Fat Lady (ep10), Lurleen (ep10)
  • Kath Soucie - #27 (ep10), Alice Mae (ep10), Waitress (ep1)
  • Kathy Najimy - Bunny (ep2), Female Dealer (ep2), Horselady (ep2)
  • Lewis Arquette - Amos (ep4), Cop#2 (ep4), Hillbilly (ep10), Pa (ep10)
  • Matt Frewer - Fish Clerk (ep5), Floyd (ep4), Gunther (ep2), Jim#3 (ep2), Ma (ep10), Man (ep8), Nephew (ep13), Ogg (ep13), Old Man#1 (ep7), Reporter (ep12)
  • Maurice LaMarche - Announcer (ep13), Black Jack Dealer (ep2), Fingers (ep2), Mulligan (ep13), Principal (ep13), Roy (ep2)
  • Ned Ballamy - Announcer (ep2), Body Builder#1 (ep2)
  • Neil Ross - Kid (ep4), Mayor (ep4), TV Anchor (ep4)
  • Randy Crenshaw - Beaver (ep13), Chas (ep13), Reporter (ep13)
  • Robert Patrick - Bee Guard (ep6), Cop (ep6)
  • Robert Picardo - Chief (ep11), Colonel Drab (ep3), Control Tower Voice (ep3), Cook (ep11), Doctor (ep11)
  • Scott Menville - Chippy (ep8), Elf (ep8), Little Boy (ep8)
  • Tom Kenny - Body Builder#2 (ep2), Frogg (ep11), Parks (ep11), Passerby#1 (ep1), Spock (ep2), Supply Sargeant (ep11), Thumbs (ep2), Weenie (ep1)
  • Tress MacNeill - Martha Stewart Type (ep11), Native Girl (ep11)
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