Disney Legend of The Three Caballeros 2018 Title Card
Disney Legend of the Three Caballeros is a 2018 animated series based on the 1944 film The Three Caballeros. It debuted on the DisneyLife streaming app in the Philippines on June 9, 2018, with thirteen episodes.


Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Dan Bakkedahl - Ghost George Washington (ep7)
  • David Kaye - Board Member #1 (ep7), Dapper Duck (ep7), Ghost Thomas Jefferson (ep7)
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Astro Mummies (ep3), Lava Lizards (ep5), Termites (ep4), War Beast (ep6)
  • Eric Bauza - Commodore Windbag (ep7), Ghost Teddy Roosevelt (ep7), Mars (ep4), Moai (ep5), Pep Talk Totem (ep4), Telenovela Actor (ep6), Tour Guide (ep6), Waiter (ep5)
  • Grey Griffin - Eugenia Ferdinand-Ferdinand (ep7), June's Phone (ep4), Telenovela Actress (ep6), Tourist Wife, Venus (ep4)
  • Jim Cummings - Bear Rug (ep7)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Board Member #3 (ep7), Easter Island Moai (ep4), Ghost Abraham Lincoln (ep7), Jupiter (ep4), Master Jailer (ep6), Moai Commander (ep5), Vlorp (ep6)
  • Matt Danner - Apollo (ep5), Board Member #2 (ep7), Chef (ep7), Goblin Prisoner (ep6), Goblins (ep6), TV Announcer (ep5), Tourist Husband
  • Nicolas Roye - Tourist Baby (ep6), Worm/King Vomit (ep6)
  • Tress MacNeille - Daisy Duck

Episodic Songs

Voice Cast (Uncredited)