Anna Graves
Anna Graves (born May 12, 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA) is an American actress and voice actress.

She's known for voicing: Satine Kryze in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Animation Voice Work


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010-2014) - Droid (ep102), Droid (ep103), Kin Robb (ep115), Meena Tills, Minister of Finance (ep49), Rumi Paramita (ep39), Satine Kryze, Sugi, Teckla Minnau (ep113), Tiplar (ep109), Tiplee (ep109)
  • Star Wars Rebels (2016-2017) - Citizen (ep60), Nightsister Ghost Sabine (ep40), Phoenix Four "Cleat" (ep60)

Video Games

Video Games

Video Games - Dubbing


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