Aldnoah.Zero 2015 Blu-Ray Cover
Aldnoah.Zero (アルドノア・ゼロ), stylized as ΛLDNOΛH.ZERO, is a Japanese anime television series created by Olympus Knights and A-1 Pictures. The series originally aired in Japan between July 5, 2014 and March 28, 2015, consisting of 24 episodes. The series was released in North America on DVD between July 21, 2015 and April 19, 2016.

English Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

Additional Voices (Uncredited)

  • Amanda C. Miller - Field Reporter (ep24), Martian Operator (ep23), Rafia, Stygus Master (ep15), Trident Base Docking Control (ep14)
  • Austin Lee Matthews
  • Ben Diskin - John Humeray, Operator (ep11), Soldier (ep11)
  • Ben Pronsky - Harklight
  • Chris Cason - Briefing Officer (ep1), Officer (ep3), Operator (ep5), Spy (ep1)
  • Dave Mallow - Andalusia Leader (ep13), Trident Base General
  • David Vincent - Assault Soldier (ep22), Crewmember (ep13), Martian Officer (ep17), News Reporter (ep1), Orlov Leader (ep20), Pilot (ep4), Pilot (ep15), Platoon Leader, Ship Officer, Shuttle Captain, Soldier B (ep14), United Forces Operator (ep16), Zebrin
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Marylcian
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn - Female Soldier (ep6), Talk Show Host (ep24)
  • Ezra Weisz - Operator (ep11), Selkinas (ep18)
  • John DeMita - Eelis Hakkinen, Martian Knight (ep24)
  • Kaiji Tang - Barouhcruz
  • Kira Buckland - Lemrina Vers Envers
  • Kirk Thornton - Company Commander (ep21), Martian Communication (ep23), Martian Knight (ep24), Martian Operator (ep24), Staff Officer
  • Kyle Hebert - Commanding Officer (ep2), Investigator (ep5), Major Nakabayashi (ep4), News Anchor (ep1), Officer (ep11), Soldier (ep5)
  • Lex Lang - Assault Soldier (ep22), Dales Leader, Harbringer Leader (ep13), Officer (ep16), Operator (ep11), Pilot (ep21), Soldier A (ep14), Staff (ep6), Staff Officer
  • Marc Diraison - Bartender (ep1), Footage Narrator (ep1), Lookout (ep4), Officer (ep6), Wolf Areash
  • Matthew Mercer - Operator (ep1), Pilot (ep2)
  • Mela Lee - Girl (ep9), Orlane (ep10)
  • Michael McConnohie - Captain (ep13), Captain (ep16), News Anchor (ep2), Olga, Stygis 3 (ep14), United Forces Operator (ep16)
  • Robbie Daymond - Mazuurek
  • Sandy Fox - Big Sister (ep1)
  • Vic Mignogna - Klanclain
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