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• 9/8/2018

Netflix Originals and similiar projects

Hi everyone.
I was wondering what we could add as a category for Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube Red, etc.? Those kind of projects can be a little tricky to choose an existing category to. I was thinking something like streamed animation or cartoon or maybe separate for each channel. Example: category:Animated Netflix Original Movies.

Next Gen (2018)
Next Gen (2018) English Voice Over Wikia
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• 1/22/2017

Update Photo on Kyle McCarley's Voice Actor Page

Hi folks. I keep seeing people sharing grossly outdated headshots of me on social media, so I did a Google image search for myself and found a couple sites, this one included, that have these old photos of me. Could you please replace this almost 10 year old photo with one that wasn't taken before I started working in voice over? :P


New photo:

Much obliged!

Kyle McCarley (logging in from an old wikia account)
Kyle McCarley
Kyle McCarley English Voice Over Wikia
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• 12/2/2016
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